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Ivy Beyond the Wall

"She was clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughed without fear of the future"....Our beautiful Ivy Beyond the Wall, Shawniece N. Wilmore, was a true blessing to our chapter. Shawniece was a Spring 2014 iniatiate of the Gamma Rho Chapter, as well as December 2014 graduate of Jackson State Univeristy. Her countless contributions to our chapter as well as her leadership on the campus of JSU greatly impacted many lives. Her service to mankind extends beyond her time on earth. After being diagnosed with Stage IV Medullary Renal Cancer, Shawniece made it her primary goal to bring awareness to the rare disease and to push for kidney screenings. Her story is now being broadcasted around the country. More people are learning about the aggressive disease linked to the Sickle cell Anemia trait. As a result, we hope that more people with the Sickle cell trait will be proactive and recieve anually kidney screenings. Although Shawniece is no longer with us, we will always remember her beautiful personality, her unshakable faith, and her infectious smile. Shawniece lived a life full of purpose and her story is our opportunity to continue to bring awareness to Medullary Renal Cancer, push for kidney screenings, and assist her family in raising money for research to find a cure for the disease.

Instagram - I ask that you all pray for The Gamma Rho Chapter at this moment. To


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